What are some items typically excluded from property insurance?

Flood damage almost always excludes homeowners. Like flood damage, damage caused by earth movement is a common exclusion from home insurance. The total cost of high-value items. Standard home insurance policies exclude certain natural events and disasters.

However, you can add protection against hazards that your home insurance doesn't cover. Similarly, if a fire or explosion in a house is directly caused by any excluded type of water damage, you are likely to have coverage for repairs. While homeowners insurance generally covers medical and legal expenses for dog bites, dogs with a history of bites and certain dog breeds may be excluded from liability coverage under their policy. A standard homeowners policy covers many hazards, but it usually doesn't protect your home against certain disasters.

In addition, in most cases, property insurance companies exclude gates and fences from storm damage, since they are more vulnerable to loss or damage, even if the storm that hits them is not severe. While homeowners insurance policies have some common exclusions, what excludes a standard home insurance policy varies depending on several factors, such as your home insurance provider and your location.

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