Residential Loan Calculator

Loan calculator for private customers

Loan calculator for private customers

We are a reliable, down-to-earth and secure partner in financing your living space! On this page you will not find information on why you would like to take out a new home loan. Are you applying for 15,000 now? Home loans for only 200.51? per month – home loan

Now, with our home loan, the right moment to pay for housing plans and make your wishes come true. In the case of a loan agreement, the amounts stated in the loan calculator are also used (subject to intermittent interruptions of the loan calculator or condition adjustments). Prerequisite for the conclusion of a loan is a good credit rating. Of course, free of charge and in any size possible.

Mortgage security is not required for the home loan. Quick processing & credit decision immediately at the end of the order. Free cancellation of the contract until 4 weeks after loan payment. Once the loan has been claimed on the Internet, you can choose the proper kitchen or complete the loft conversion. The loan amount is available with the respective payment date for 3 months at no additional cost.

The return of our loans, including the home loan, is free of charge up to four weeks after receipt of payment. A special repayment is possible with the online home loan in unlimited quantities and at any time free of charge. You save not only money with a home loan, but also a lot of time. Now replace your current expensive balance and earn 50 EUR more.

In the case of a refinancing of at least 5000 EUR at other banks, there are next to the best interest rates in Austria * another 50 EUR in small change from us. We will deposit the EUR 50 four weeks after payment of the loan amount directly to the reference account. The offer is valid until 31.12.2018. Comparisons are worthwhile. Transfer 50 € to the reference account.

With 3 steps to Construction loan: Faster and easier than ever: Once all requirements have been met, nothing stands in the way of the online competition! And with instant loan decision! We need these documents: as soon as all documents are available, we will inform you about the decision on the loan. The receipt of payment happens directly on the desired account – directly or at the desired time.

Home Loans 

Home Loans 

For the realization of your dream home, we offer you a variable loan agreement. We, Ostyer SW, fulfill your personal needs. To avoid financial shortages, the credit conditions can be adjusted. All this is offered by Ostyer SW and Ostyer SW when it comes to self-financing your own four properties.

Your Raiffeisen consultant or your representative will inform you about the current situation and the interest rates. The interest rate is usually based on the Interbank. Your supervisor in the desired bank of Ostyer SW will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have. The name of your Raiffeisen advisor is available when entering your online banking (Internet Banking) or in the ELBA application, Internet Banking on your mobile phone, under Banking / Advisor & Mailbox.

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