Personal Bank and Non-Bank Loans for Students

Students who need funds can apply for bank and non-bank personal loans. Today there are many non-bank institutions that also offer loan products without collateral.

Students can certainly use this service to meet their needs, especially when they need bank and non-bank funds. In certain situations, indeed a student can need a loan of funds, for example to fund tuition fees or other costs that are still related to funding teaching and learning activities in college.

Especially for students who study outside the city and only rely on monthly money from parents. At the end of the month when pocket money has been depleted, that’s when students need additional fresh funds.

Following are some conditions where students need a personal non-bank loan:

Following are some conditions where students need a personal non-bank loan:

  1. Payment of urgent tuition fees must be made as soon as possible. Sometimes there are several reasons that make students unable to pay tuition fees in a timely manner for various reasons.
  2. Financing research. There are many students who are unable to do research because they are blocked by funds so they will ask for information on where to borrow money.
  3. Financial depletion at the end of the month. This is a classic problem commonly experienced by overseas students who are far from parents. At the end of the month, the finances will be depleted, especially because after receiving remittances at the beginning of the month, students will immediately use them to buy various necessities that are needed or just wanted. This made them suffer at the end of the month because of the thinner finances.
  4. Funding courses or additional learning, where this is deemed necessary for some students who still feel dissatisfied with just learning in the campus room. This certainly will consume more funds so that the needs also increase.
  5. Unexpected expenses that don’t know time can also make students need funds at certain times. This will encourage them to find a place to borrow money other than the bank, especially if students do not have their own bank account.

In order to apply for a non-bank KTA loan for students, the method is quite easy and simple. Requirements for loans without collateral are not as difficult as when applying for a loan at a bank. What is needed is enough age according to applicable law, account number to make money transfers and fixed income. The advantage of submitting bank and non-bank loans is that money is fast liquid and is directly transferred to account numbers, a safe and transparent loan process, easy-to-understand steps and conditions that can be adjusted to each student who runs it.

Get money loans

How to get money loans at banks and non-banks for students is also quite simple. Students only have to submit proposals that are equipped with supporting documents such as photocopies of KTP and KK. Furthermore, the non-bank institution will usually conduct a survey before granting or refusing the loan application. The next step is disbursing funds if the loan application is accepted. The funds that have been disbursed will be transferred to the bank account submitted when submitting the loan. After that, we will enter the next stage, namely repayment of loan funds. Set aside a portion of income per month to pay off the loan funds received from the financial institutions where we borrow funds. This is the procedure for borrowing money from banks and non-bank institutions that can be run by students.

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