How To Make A Loan: Quick And Easy Step By Step

Online personal loan is the fastest and most practical option for anyone who is in need of money. And here we will teach you how to make a loan with peace and security. You may even be considering applying for your personal loan face-to-face at a bank or financial institution, but you will have to spend time to attend financial institutions and compare rates.

And here at AAE Credit, Brazil’s largest online credit mall, you do it using the internet, wherever you are.

We have more than 20 partners to help you find the perfect personal credit for your profile. And the best: our service is free!

With a single registration, you have chances to receive several personal loan proposals and you can choose the best option. Here’s the simple step-by-step guide to applying for your personal loan:

1) Separate your personal documents

Before applying for a personal loan, separate your personal documents: RG, CPF, current proof of income and residence. You also need an active, valid email address that you have access to.

2) Fill in your registration

At Bom AAE Credit, you need to complete a single registration, to have access to loan proposals according to your profile, safely and peacefully.

3) Compare loan options

In Bom AAE Credit, you need to complete a single registration, to have access to loan proposals according to your profile. We are a 100% secure and protected banking correspondent with security protocols.

4) Choose the best proposal

We consult our partners to find loan options that are right for you, according to your request. You compare the offers available for your profile and choose the loan that most suits your need.

5) Finish your order

Ready! After choosing your loan, finalize everything online or in a store of our partners. To send your documents, you can take photos and send direct from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

6) Follow the next steps

Now that you have decided your personal loan and finalized your request, wait for the return of our partners. Stay tuned and follow the required steps. Soon, your personal loan will be in your hands.

7) Pay your loan on time

Organize your expenses and pay your loan on time, you only have to win! Paying your loan without delays increases your chances of getting a new loan when you need it.

About GCA Finance

AAE Credit is the largest online credit mall in Brazil. We join those who want credit with whom they can lend.

In an agile and safe way, we help you compare, simulate and contract the best credit for your need. Our main goal is to seek the best offers in the market, appropriate to your profile.

Here at AAE Credit, you also find the best news, materials and tools on personal financial organization, with tips to get out of debt and conquer your dreams.

The AAE Credit website is owned by PP Promotora de Vendas SA, which is a banking correspondent for several financial institutions.

GCA Finance is also a 100% secure site, that is, it never requests any type of deposit or fee collection for loan release, and is protected with information and navigation security protocols.

See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use . And if you still have questions, check out our Help Center.

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